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Geographe Bay Swimming Club

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The full calendar of upcoming swim meets can be viewed here on the Swimming WA website.


Each season, the Head Coach will provide a list of targeted meets which will be available to members via the Geographe Bay Swimming Club social media accounts.  These are the meets designed for maximum Club participation. Swimmers are advised to discuss upcoming meets with their coach to determine which ones may be appropriate for them to enter and which particular events to compete in.  


A details page for each particular meet, such as a list of events and the qualifying times required for entry, can be found by clicking on the meet on the My Swim Results calendar. The majority of meets can be entered online by clicking on the "Entry Wizard" link located on the details page of that meet.


To avoid disappointment it is strongly advised to enter at least a week prior to the stated due date for entries. There is often a maximum number of entries that can be accepted to a meet, and once that figure is reached, entry is no longer possible.


Please note: There are many meets throughout the year.  Any swimmer is welcome to enter any meet, however be aware that at non-targeted meets, there may not be a coach present.


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